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We all know that cooking from scratch is much more cost effective than buying premade or kit-in-a-box foods.  However, sometimes we really just need something that is quick and easy.  I love to bake and do it often, but I also always have boxed cake mix in the pantry.  From one box you can produce a layer cake, cupcakes or a bundt cake.  But the options don’t stop there!  The internet is full of recipes that use boxed cake mix to make cookies, waffles, even cinnamon rolls.


Cake Mix Recipes

Cake mixes retail anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00, which is too rich for my blood.  If you wait for a sale, however, you can buy them for a buck a box!  That’s right – $1.  (You can’t bake a cake from scratch for that price.)  This is a perfect time to stock up with a variety of flavors.

Don’t forget!  For small households, rather than risking having too much dessert that goes stale and gets thrown out, freeze a portion for later consumption.


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