Check Your Receipt!


Vigilance is key for effective penny pinching.  This is especially true at the checkout.  Computers make mistakes.  People make mistakes.  And this can add up to you paying more than you should.  Ideally, you should keep your eye on the screen and compare this to your shopping list as you are being checked out.  However, this is not always possible.  Often the cashier begins scanning before you have placed all your items on the belt.  Even if you watch the screen line by line as your transaction is completed, it can be difficult to decipher actual prices and coupon deductions.  I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Kroger and a degree in computer programming would go a long way in being able to read their receipt.  So, unless you are able to keep up with the transaction as it happens and you feel 100% confident that item prices scanned correctly and all sale and coupon deductions are accurate, take a few minutes before you leave the store and compare your receipt to your shopping list.  If you have any questions or find any discrepancies, get back in line or go to customer service.  I am finding mistakes on receipts much more frequently these days.  A dollar here, a dollar there starts to add up fast.  Check that receipt to keep those pennies pinched!



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November Sees the First Winner of a New Bigger Prize!

Congratulations Jessica of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  As the November 2014 monthly drawing winner, Jessica is the first to be awarded the new bigger prize of  over $500 in coupons!!  Jessica was eligible for this contest as a result of registering with MsPennyPincher. com.  Subscribers receive email updates each time new information is posted and can create and use their own personal change purse to save their favorite posts.  Be sure to register for your chance to win future monthly drawings.



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