Seed Money

My husband LOVES poppy seeds, so every time we are in the grocery store he never skips the shelf in the back of the bakery where sets the not-fresh-from-the-oven baked goods.  Any time he finds a package of poppy seed bagels it’s like striking it rich in the gold mine.  Since these bagels are already running out of time when we buy them, I pre-slice them and put them in the freezer.  Once they are toasted, they are as good as fresh for a lot less money.

While my husband experiences great joy every time he gets to have a poppy seed bagel, I am tormented by those little seeds rolling all over the counter and floor.  What a waste!  The bottom of the bag is full of those little guys!  So in typical waste-not-want-not fashion, I decided to capture them for future use.  I slice the bagels over a bowl to catch those that jump ship.  Then I pour them, along with those that are in the bag, into an air tight container.  Since the poppy seeds are put on the bagels prior to baking, they are already toasted and are great for sprinkling on salads or any dish where you would like a little nutty flavor!  Save those poppy seeds and start growing your savings!!


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Pull the Trigger on Savings

Anytime that we leave product inside a container that is thrown out we are wasting money.  Depending on the packaging and the product, getting every last drop can be quite a challenge.  If you are like me, you are frustrated by the fact that spray bottles NEVER allow you to squeeze out the last bit of liquid from the bottom.  However, this is one of the easiest packages to make sure that nothing is wasted.  When you start using a new bottle, simply remove the the spray head (just unscrew it) from both bottles and pour the contents of the old bottle into the new.  Easy peasy!  This may seems a little obsessive to some, but often the amount of product left in the bottle is good for 2-3 more uses.  Add this up for all spray bottle products that you use over the course of a year.  Waste not want not, my penny-pinching friends!



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