The February 2015 Winner of $550+ in Coupons


Congratulations Stefanie of Durham, North Carolina, the February 2015 monthly drawing winner.  Stefanie is the winner of  over $500 in coupons!!  She was eligible for this contest as a result of registering with MsPennyPincher. com.  Subscribers receive email updates each time new information is posted and can create and use their own personal change purse to save their favorite posts.  Be sure to register for your chance to win future monthly drawings.



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Brighten Up An Already Bright Idea


Winter means shorter days and fewer days with sunshine.  In my neck of the woods, we only saw the sun on four days during the month of December!  To minimize what my grandma called the winter doldrums, it is common to flick on as many lights as possible in an effort to brighten things up.  If you have already made the switch to cfl bulbs, this extra flicking is less costly than using incandescent bulbs.  Of course, the fewer lights you turn on the lower your electricity bill.  One way to accomplish this without sacrificing brightness is to make sure that your light bulbs (regardless of the variety) are dust free.  Since most bulbs are tucked under lamp shades or in light fixtures that are high above us, this tends to get overlooked during routine cleaning.  I use Swiffer Dusters for regular and easy surface cleaning.  I make it a point to include light bulbs (might as well dust the shades while you’re at it) and light fixtures in my routine.  The Swiffer Duster makes it easy to get into lampshades and the extender handle makes overhead light fixtures accessible without a ladder.  A quick run-through of the house will brighten up your mood with more light and more savings!


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