New! Ms Penny Pincher Change Purse


Today is the first day of a new feature to the site.  The Ms Penny Pincher change purse allows you to save your favorite posts!  Simply click on “Add to change purse” next to the change purse icon at the end of each post.  Posts will be automatically sorted as you save them to keep your change purse nice and tidy.  You can view your change purse by clicking on “My Change Purse” under the Search box at the top of each page.  Posts can be removed within the change purse or by clicking on “Remove from your change purse” at the end of the post.  You must be registered to create your personal change purse and will have to login to access the posts you have saved.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to start implementing some penny pinching ideas and watch the savings add up!!


FavoriteLoadingAdd to change purse.

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