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There is money to be saved by spending less time in restaurants and drive-thrus and more time in the kitchen. While letting others do the cooking for you might seem more convenient, remember that things are not always what they apear. Often, by the time you drive to a restaurant and wait for your food, or by the time you wait for the delivery guy, you could cook yourself a meal at home. To figure out if you eat out too often, ask yourself this question, “Where is restaurant spending in my budget ?  Is it under groceries or entertainment?”  Tell me how often you eat out.  Take the poll.

  Making your own meals has the added benefit of being better for you.  Because you control the ingredients going into your dishes, you decide how much fat and salt you leave out and how much of rich nutrients you put in.

I personally do not remember when I learned how to cook.  I had the benefit of having a mother and grandmothers who were fabulous cooks and was always encouraged to work along with them in the kitchen.  (A lesson for you parents – Invite your kids into the kitchen and let them help!)  If you were not so fortunate and you fall into the can’t-even-boil-water category of cooks, your situation is not hopeless.  The internet is oozing recipe and how-to sites.  Here are a couple that include video instruction.

Cooking How To Videos

If you learn better from interaction with an actual human, ask someone – a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker.  In my house, we love food and we love to cook.  Trying new foods and new cooking techniques is a regular occurence.  Do not let fear of failure keep you from learning.  When trying something new we approach with the attitude that we always have cereal.  Worst case senerio – it turns out terribly and we pour a bowl of cereal, learn from our mistakes and try again another day!  So, embrace your inner cook!  Pinching pennies can be quite delicious.


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