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Hosing Down Wasteful Spending


Now that the weather is warming up (Finally!!), most of us are looking for any excuse to get outside, including yard work.  Since last winter showed up with a vengeance this past year, many of us had little time to do our fall clean-up, which consisted of opening the garage door and tossing everything into a pile.  Most likely, somewhere in that pile is the garden hose which is now a tangled mess.  After 30 minutes or so of a failed attempt to straighten that puppy out, you may be tempted to chuck it in the trash and just go and buy a new one.  Hold on there, hot shot.  All is not lost.  Connect the hose to the spigot and fill it with water.  (You need to have a sprayer attached to the other end to keep the water in the hose.)  Leave the hose in the sun for a few hours then drain the water (ideally into a freshly planted bed or a large container so as not to waste the water).  Oila!  No more kinks.  Your hose will be good as new without spending money on a new hose!




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Posted May 5th, 2014 by PennyP

How Does Your Garden Grow?






We have already discussed the value of your garden eating what you eat.  Perhaps you have even started composting.  But have you ever considered letting your garden drink what you eat?  As summer heats up our outdoor plants require more moisture.  Turning on the hose or filling the watering can from the spigot causes a sharp increase in the water bill.  Any self-respecting penny pincher will do everything they can to prevent this from happening.  Common cooking techniques such as boiling and steaming result in nutrient-rich water.  Most of us focus on the vegetable or eggs that we are boiling and pour the water down the drain.  Instead, let the water cool then pour it into your flower or vegetable containers.  The plants not only get the water that they need, but the added benefit of extra nutrients.  And you get the benefit of not spending money on plant food.


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Posted June 25th, 2013 by PennyP



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