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Dryer Lint is Worth A Lot

Since we are always looking for ways to minimize energy consumption, we are going to talk about the dryer – again.  The more efficiently the dryer runs, the less energy that is used.  One of the worst dryer efficiency EarthCents ideas save money and the environment!enemies is lint and it can infiltrate you dryer in all kinds of places.  Some hiding places should be cleaned before each dryer load, while others may need cleaning only once a month or once a year.  Of course, the time lines depend on how often you run your dryer.  Cleaning can be accomplished with a dryer lint brush or using the attachments on your vacuum cleaner.  Personally, I find the vacuum does a much better job.


Dryer Lint Hideouts


1. Removable Lint Trap

Clean screens before every load.  I keep a basket of used fabric softener sheets for this purpose.  They make for easy clean up.  Vacuum below trap about once a month.









2.  Back of Dryer

Vacuum lint from all louvers.  Remove the flexible duct that connects to the back and vacuum the interior of this connection.













3.  Where the Dryer Meets the Wall

Disconnect the flexible duct from the wall.  Vacuum the interior of the flexible duct as well as the duct running through the wall.









4.  Exterior Wall Vent













Note:  Excess buildup of lint can result in fire.  So keeping vents and connections free from lint not only makes penny-pinching sense, but it keeps your family and home safe.


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Posted October 25th, 2013 by PennyP

Money Roll

If you are still working on disposing of a disposable mentality, here’s a question for you.  Do you still reach for a paper towel for every little spill?  Are you using paper towels for your regular cleaning?  Do you do the dishes with a paper towel?  (Egads!)  Then you still need some practice.  Make a serious effort for the next couple of weeks to make the switch to sponges, dish towels and rags, all of which can be washed and reused.

I admit that paper towels have their purpose.  If I have to wipe some raw chicken juice off the counter, I reach for a paper towel every time.  I increase the chances for a healthy home when all that nasty bacteria goes right into the trash can along with the paper towel.  If I use a sponge or dish cloth in this instance, I run the risk of spreading the bacteria all over the kitchen.  And  a trip to the doctor will definitely cost more than a paper towel.

Nonetheless, if you try, I’m sure you can reduce your paper towel use, thus turning this into this!


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Posted February 22nd, 2013 by PennyP

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