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Be Acid Free for Free

Heartburn, indigestion, dispepsia, upset stomach – call it what you like, it’s no fun at all.  Evidently, occurrences of indigestion increase as you get older.  Sadly for me, I was starting to suffer from this internal inferno up to 4 to 5 times per week.  The pain often kept me up all night.  I tried every over-the-counter and home remedy I could find, none of which took care of the problem.  My husband and I are very busy people and often eat our dinner later than most.  I found that most days, after finishing dinner, I was soooo tired that I just plopped down on the couch where I stayed until bedtime.  One evening as I was literally curled up on the couch, I became aware of the position of my stomach – all crunched up in a ball.  I wondered if this could be causing my trouble.  Being a scientist by education, I commenced a little experiment.  I decided to keep myself upright for a period of time right after my dinner.  What an easy (and might I add FREE) fix!!  Besides all the money I am saving on antacids, I have bought back (so to speak) over 2 hours per week of time that was being wasted on the couch.  It’s the perfect time to do the dishes rather than leave them piled in the sink, get a little ironing done, take the recyclables to the bins, etc.  Since I am no longer staying up multiple nights a week with tummy trouble, this 15-20 minutes after each dinner is an invaluable investment.  This is the freebie of all freebies!!

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Posted October 16th, 2014 by PennyP

The Frugal Fridge

The refrigerator can consume up to 8% of a home’s energy, so this is definitely one slice of the pie worth focusing on.  Even if you have invested in an energy-efficient appliance, the way in which you use your refrigerator will help you to reduce your electric bill.


Ways to make your fridge more frugal

  • Balance is key!  A well-stocked refrigerator uses less energy because there is less air to cool.   However, it is important to keep your refrigerator full without overfilling.  Too many items packed together closely will reduce air circulation, which causes the refrigerator to work harder.
  • Cover liquids and wrap foods before storing them in the refrigerator.  Uncovered items release moisture. Higher humidity requires more energy to cool.  Bonus!  Wrapped items last longer which means less wasted food.
  • Keep the door closed.  Since the purpose of a refrigerator is to cool the air inside, it makes sense that keeping warm air out makes it easier for the refrigerator to do its job.  So don’t leave the door hanging open while you decide what will satisfy your latest craving or while you are pouring the milk over your cereal.  If you are not getting something out or putting something in, close the door!
  • Keep your refrigerator between 37-40oF.  This is cold enough to keep bacteria at bay but not so cold that your refrigerator’s compressor will run nonstop.

Make these changes so that you too can have a frugal fridge and experience savings success!


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Posted February 10th, 2014 by PennyP

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