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The Frugal Fridge

The refrigerator can consume up to 8% of a home’s energy, so this is definitely one slice of the pie worth focusing on.  Even if you have invested in an energy-efficient appliance, the way in which you use your refrigerator will help you to reduce your electric bill.


Ways to make your fridge more frugal

  • Balance is key!  A well-stocked refrigerator uses less energy because there is less air to cool.   However, it is important to keep your refrigerator full without overfilling.  Too many items packed together closely will reduce air circulation, which causes the refrigerator to work harder.
  • Cover liquids and wrap foods before storing them in the refrigerator.  Uncovered items release moisture. Higher humidity requires more energy to cool.  Bonus!  Wrapped items last longer which means less wasted food.
  • Keep the door closed.  Since the purpose of a refrigerator is to cool the air inside, it makes sense that keeping warm air out makes it easier for the refrigerator to do its job.  So don’t leave the door hanging open while you decide what will satisfy your latest craving or while you are pouring the milk over your cereal.  If you are not getting something out or putting something in, close the door!
  • Keep your refrigerator between 37-40oF.  This is cold enough to keep bacteria at bay but not so cold that your refrigerator’s compressor will run nonstop.

Make these changes so that you too can have a frugal fridge and experience savings success!


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Posted February 10th, 2014 by PennyP

Slow the Flow

Have you ever turned the faucet on in the sink only to end up soaking wet because the water sprayed all over the place?  I have more times than I can count.  One time it occurred to me that the water all over me and the counter was completely wasted.  That got me thinking.  How often do I automatically turn the faucet on full force?  The answer – pretty much all the time.  But is this really necessary?  Not at all.  The water doesn’t need to be gushing in order to wet a toothbrush or wash an apple.  Since we pay for water by the gallon, logic dictates that decreasing the volume will decreEarthCents ideas save money and the environment!ase the water bill.  I decided that it was time to adopt a new penny-pinching habit.  I have never encountered a water faucet that is strictly “on” or “off”.  Regardless of the design, there are many positions of “on”  At first, it requires some real conscious thinking when approaching a sink but, like any new habit, before long you’ll find yourself opting for water flow other than full blast.  Just keep thinking about all the money you will be saving and you will find the motivation you need.  Not to mention, you’ll keep your shirts and counters a lot drier!


Another way to slow the flow


Water Conservation

Water Conservation








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Posted January 27th, 2014 by PennyP

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