Eat More Pork


In the fall of 2014 a news cast reported the forecast of a serious increase in beef prices.  I opted to do my ostrich impression and waited and waited and waited on a good beef sale so that I could stock my freezer.  “Sales” appeared in the store ads weekly, but in my penny-pinching world $4.99/lb is NO sale.  Since ours is a household of carnivores, I needed to find an alternative.  Enter pigs!  I noticed that pork prices were at least half those of beef.  There are as many varieties of pork as there are beef.  So if you are finding that purchasing beef is breaking your budget consider buying more pork.  The cows will thank you!



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Congratulations May 2015 Winner of $500+ In Coupons

Let’s hear it for Beth of Dover, Pennsylvania the May 2015 monthly drawing winner of  over $500 in coupons!!  Beth was eligibile for this contest as a result of registering with MsPennyPincher. com.  Subscribers receive email updates each time new information is posted and can create and use their own personal change purse to save their favorite posts.  Be sure to register for your chance to win future monthly drawings.




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