Filter Out Wasteful Spending

Utility bills are often in the top 5 most expensive budget items for a household.  Therefore, we are always looking for ways to decrease them.  During the heating and cooling seasons, changing (or cleaning if your furnace requires) the furnace filter on a regular basis will prevent airflow restriction, which means that your furnace has to work less hard.  This means that it is more energy efficient resulting in lower utility bills.  It also means less wear-and-tear on furnace parts, resulting in fewer service calls and a furnace that lasts longer, both resulting in more money …
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Money Roll

If you are still working on disposing of a disposable mentality, here’s a question for you.  Do you still reach for a paper towel for every little spill?  Are you using paper towels for your regular cleaning?  Do you do the dishes with a paper towel?  (Egads!)  Then you still need some practice.  Make a serious effort for the next couple of weeks to make the switch to sponges, dish towels and rags, all of which can be washed and reused.

I admit that paper towels have …
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